Above – “Evening Tide, Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester” by Paul Strisik

The Paul Strisik Gallery closed its doors in September, 2014. It had been a landmark in Rockport MA for 60 years. Now Paul’s wife Nancy Strisik is making Paul’s artwork available to the public. Contact us to discuss the availability of these paintings and more.

“I think I have a little bit of impressionism in my work. If I had to categorize myself, I’d have to say impressionist. I’m certainly painting the light, but artists have painted the light for hundreds of years. Most important is that I love nature, and what nature lays before us. It’s a tremendous challenge to take bits of nature and organize them. I’ve taken the feeling of nature. I’ve changed, I’ve enlarged, I’ve removed, I’ve put in to give the feeling, so that you can see nature filtering through human personality.”  – Paul Strisik, interviewed by David Green, Boston Ledger, 1986

Please note: Due to the differences in computer monitors and calibration, the colors in the paintings shown on this site may not appear accurate.
As a general rule, the colors are deeper and richer than they appear. If you are interested in a particular painting, please contact us for more information. Thank you.