This DVD is a video compilation based on the techniques that guided artist Paul Strisik throughout his nearly fifty year career as one of America’s premier landscape painter.

The digitally remastered instructional segments are drawn directly from the out of print books by the artist, “The Art of Landscape Painting” and “Captuing Light in Oils”, and as such represent a unique opportunity to experience first hand the artist’s thoughts and ideas.

In-depth discussion an examples of Paul’s works in progress cover such topics as capturing the essential elements of a location and the use od photography in landscape painting. Additional examples of his work display the techniques that the artist employed as he painted extensively in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Also included are a visit to the Strisik Gallery in Rockport, Massachusetts, a collection of still life paintings and the reflections of Nancy Strisik on the life and work of the artist.

Created by Nancy Strisik
Written & Produced by Albert Viator
Demonstration Segments Hosted by Dan Blanchard
Copyright 2005 Nancy Strisik
Price: $29.95 + s&h, Approximate Running Time: 1 hour, 33 minutes
This DVD is for sale at the Rockport Art Association and Museum Gift Shop. Call 978-546-6604.

Paul Strisik, N.A., A.W.S.
The Artist & His Work

Painting On Location: A Demonstration & Discussion of the Artist’s Techniques

Based on the out of print authoritative books by Paul Strisik, “The Art of Landscape Painting” and “Capturing Light in Oils”